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The Dangers of GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) – Corrupting the Seed

the dangers of gmos genetically modifed organisms

The first question is: what percentage of crops are GMO?

– 88% of corn is GMO – this is used in tons of processed foods, high fructose corn syrup, and 36% is fed to livestock which you eat (about 40% is used for ethanol)

– 93% of soy is GMO – this is used for hydrogenated oils, (soy)lecithin, emulsifiers, tocopherol (a vitamin E supplement) and proteins which you find in processed foods

– 94% of cottonseed is GMO – Cottonseeds are culled from cotton, and then used for vegetable oil, margarine or shortening production, or frying foods, such as potato chips.

– 90% of canola is GMO – this is used mostly to make canola oil which can be found in many products as a hydrogenated oil processed with hexane

– 90% of sugar beets are GMO – 54% of sugar in the U.S. comes from sugar beets

What are GMO’s?

GMOs are plants or animals created through the gene splicing techniques of biotechnology (also called genetic engineering). The process involves taking the DNA of one species of plant or animal and forcing it into the DNA of another species. This is known as transgenesis and therefore the technically correct name for GMOs is transgenic organisms. Laughably GMO proponents will try to say this process is no different from natural breeding that has been going on for thousands of years. What’s hilarious about this is the fact that companies like Monsanto have to prove that their process of creating their seeds is significantly different from natural breeding in order to get a patent on their seeds!

The reason biotech companies use transgenesis is to create a species of plant(or animal) that has a desired trait which was not there before. For instance, GMO RoundUp Ready Soybeans were genetically engineered to be resistant to the chemical herbicide: glyphosate. Glyphosate is a chemical proven to have harmful health effects(this herbicide was created by Monsanto, the corporation that gave us such wonderful poisonous chemicals as DDT and Agent Orange) Glyphosate is so “safe” that a lobbyist from Monsanto said you could drink a quart of it and be fine, yet when offered some to drink he declined saying, “I’m not an idiot.” watch here

All the weeds are killed by glyphosate while the GMO soybeans are left intact. The problem is that the GMO plants absorb the herbicide from the soil causing dangerous health effects when consumed. Some GMO plants are actually engineered to produce an insecticide of their own so that when a pest tries to eat the plant it dies. Seems legit and totally safe to eat

Another problem with this is that bugs are actually developing resistance to these GMO plants, so farmers are having to turn to more pesticides.

A farmer has to pay royalties in order to grow genetically modified corn, as the technique is regarded as an intellectual property. Yes, you got that right: CORPORATIONS HAVE PATENTED SEEDS. If farmers save the GMO seeds for next year and replant them, they will be sued. Even if GMO seeds blow in the farmer’s non-GMO field and Monsanto’s seed police discover it, the farmer will be facing a lawsuit!

Who can you trust?

Since it is extremely difficult for independent researchers to study GMO seeds due to the fact that they need permission from the corporations that manufacture them; research proving the dangers of GMO’s is very controversial and difficult. Corporations like Monsanto spend millions of dollars every year to have lobbyists in Washington D.C. influence legislators and regulatory agencies like the FDA and EPA. In addition to this, members of the FDA have formerly worked for Monsanto causing further conflict of interest.

Then you have internet shills, who write articles defending GMOs and attack supporters of organic food, who in many instances also turn out to have ties to the biotech industry. There are also many studies that have come out that are completely biased and purposely misleading which are funded by these biotech giants. You will find supposedly “independent” scientists and researchers have received compensation, usually indirectly, from these GMO companies.

This massive disinformation campaign makes it difficult for many to know who to trust. Considering the conflicts of interest and lack of transparency from these biotech corporations previously mentioned, you should be extremely skeptical of any research claiming to prove the safety of GMOs.

If you want to see a lot of these GMO myths(i.e. “GM foods are strictly tested and regulated for safety”) debunked and destroyed, read this book “GMO Myths and Truths” which you can read online put together by independent scientists and researchers.

So what are the health dangers of GMO’s?

Biotech companies say that modified genes don’t survive in the body due to being broken up in the intestinal tract, yet a Norwegian study proved that genes can pass through the intestinal wall into the blood.

Bt corn is engineered to produce it’s own insecticide as it grows which kills insects that try to eat it. So we are supposed to believe corn that will kill bugs poses no threat to humans who consume it??

Studies have revealed various negative health affects from eating GMO foods. GMO corn was linked to hormonal disruption, infertility, disruption of the intestinal immune system, cancerous tumors, liver congestion, and kidney deficiencies. Monsanto did a 90 day study on rats that determined GM food was safe(Wow, what a surprise…), but the French Seralini study which was conducted over 2 years revealed that tumors didn’t start to develop until after 4-7 months into the study. This shows that low level environmental toxins take longer to have an impact than the length of studies being conducted by GMO supporters.

(The Seralini study was later retracted by the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology after they received worldwide pressure to do so. This does NOT mean the study was wrong at all. There were a number of factors that caused them to retract the study, one of which is conflict of interest. Read this article which gives a great explanation as to why the study was unjustifiably retracted and also the reasons all other studies showing the health dangers of GMOs are attacked. Furthermore, Seralini’s team subsequently won more than one case for defamation and forgery against them by pro-GMO attack dogs. You can read the details here and here. Lastly, Here is a 10 point article which refutes common attacks against the Seralini study. If you need a video, here’s that too.)

This explains a contributing factor to the brutal reality of this statistic: Americans have the highest rate of cancer of any other country on the planet — 1 out of 2 men, and 1 out of 3 women are expected to get cancer in their lifetime.

GMO crops are not safe to eat and you should cut them out of your diet as soon as possible.

(See also the 65 documented health risks of GMOs in the book Genetic Roulette)

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